Vegan Chia Seed Bowl Recipe | 2021

Breakfast Criminals Chia Bowl Recipe

I had so much fun teaming up with Frontier Coop to create a few delicious recipes. Frontier is a fair trade brand that supports farmers and sustainability (bonus points!) and their raw cacao nibs are simply the BEST; I also buy goji berries, chia seeds, raw cacao and cinnamon from them in bulk (it’s a great deal!)

This chia bowl recipe is super easy to make, and can be also served in a jar for the perfect to-go breakfast.

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Breakfast Criminals Chia Bowl Recipe

Breakfast Criminals Chia Bowl Recipe

p.s. I’m a big supporter of fair trade and one of co-founders of ethical shopping movement #FairTuesday; Moonrise Blue dress in the photo above is by fair trade brand Mata Traders (India); Hand-Loomed Napkin by fair trade brand One Mango Tree (Uganda). 

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