How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown – 3 Things You Can Do

Do you always end up throwing a bunch of overripe bananas in the trash bin? What if I tell you that you can keep the yellow color of the bananas longer? Today, I’ll show you three interesting ways how to keep bananas from turning brown whether they’re peeled or unpeeled.

I came across these methods when I had a ton of bananas in my kitchen. Since throwing brown bananas is such a waste, I thought there’s got to be some way I can keep the peel’s yellow color appearance longer. So now I’m going to share what I know so far.


1. Blow-dry Your Mushy Banana

If your bananas have gone brown in the refrigerator, you can restore its yellow color back by using three household items: resealable plastic bag, blow-dryer, and rice. Super Foods RX suggests placing your brown banana with rice in a plastic bag. Before you seal the plastic bag, remove all the air out as much as you can.

Let the banana sit in a plastic bag of rice for about an hour. In a warm setting, blow-dry the banana like you would dry your hair. While blow-drying, occasionally switch to cool setting, so you won’t get your banana too hot. Notice how the brown color will change to yellow like magic.

2. Freeze The Bananas

If your bananas have turned very brown or almost black, The Balance suggests freezing the bananas for later use. For whole bananas, freeze them by peeling each fruit and placing them into a heavy-duty freezer bag. You can use whole frozen bananas for cooked or baked meals.

For smoothies and baked goods, freeze the bananas in slices. First, flash-freeze the bananas to keep them from sticking to each other in the freezer bag. To flash-freeze, place the banana slices on a baking sheet and freeze for two hours. Transfer the frozen banana slices into a freezer bag.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to keep bananas from turning brown. This will stop you from wasting any bananas in the trash bin, right? You can choose to wrap the stems or seal the whole fruit in a plastic bag. For banana slices, coat them with a fruit juice, soda water, or vitamin C solution.

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