How To Cook Canned Corn In 3 Ways (Nov.2016)

Do you have a lot of canned corn stored in your pantry? Then learn how to cook canned corn to release their full flavor. Just like you, I store a lot of canned corn in the house for making side dishes, salads, and fritters.

Although you can use corn in a lot of dishes, there seem to be only a few ways wherein you can cook canned corn nicely. To be specific, you can cook canned corn in three ways- stovetop, microwave, and oven. If you like to get started, know what you’ll need and the steps that you need to do.

A medium-size saucepan is necessary to cook your canned corn on the stovetop. Any type of saucepan will do as long as it has a comfortable handle, good balance, and excellent heat conductivity. If you have no saucepan, you can use a regular nonstick pan.

For Option 2

Microwave-Safe Container

To serve as the container for your corn inside the microwave, a clean microwave-safe bowl is needed. Glass is desired over plastic because it doesn’t contaminate any chemicals into the food. An airtight lid is not necessary because you need to release some steam to prevent buildup and explosion.

For Option 3

Baking Sheet

To roast corn inside the oven, you need a baking sheet. The canned corn kernels will be placed on the baking sheet for cooking. What I use is the Nordic Ware Natural Baker’s Half Sheet which is made of natural aluminum, a material that doesn’t rust and conducts heat effectively.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Option 1- Cooking Canned Corn On Stovetop

1. Spice Up Canned Corn With Smoked Paprika suggests spicing up your canned corn with smoked paprika or chipotle powder. The seasoning will replicate a smoky grilled flavor on the corn.

To begin, heat the skillet with oil and add the well-drained corn. Let the moisture evaporate without stirring. As the corn start to sear, add some smoked paprika.

2. Use Canned Corn In Dishes recommends using canned corn in mac ‘n cheese to provide lutein in your diet. To bring more vitamins, color, and flavor, try adding canned corn to salads, salsas, and soups. You can create a nutritious side dish by seasoning the corn before serving.

3. Watch For Salt And Sugar

The American Heart Association recommends watching for salt and salt in selecting the best canned corn. Salt is normally added to canned fruits and vegetables for preservation. As possible, look for low-sodium brands.

The corn should not be added with sugar but with water or light syrup. Make sure that you drain the liquid before you cook them.

Try Cooking Some Canned Corn Today!

Did you enjoy learning how to cook canned corn in multiple ways? Thanks to this article, I can serve my canned corn in a lot of ways. To make the corn as natural as possible, drain the excess liquid from the can. Season with salt and pepper to bring more flavor and butter it up to smoothen the texture.

If you’ve tried cooking any canned corn already, let us know your experiences and partake some suggestions in the comments section below. Don’t hesitate to share this wonderful post with your friends and family.

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