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Walnut and Amaranth Porridge Recipe for sweetgreen | 2021

Walnut & Amaranth Porridge Recipe

When my favorite seasonal, farm-source salad chain sweetgreen (which has been a great host to my superfood breakfast masterclasses), asked me to share one of my favorite breakfast recipes, I knew it had to be something warming, nourishing and colorful. Say hello to this delicious amaranth porridge with earthy walnuts and colorful persimmons, which were in […]

Strawberry Milkshake + Supa-Green Peanut Butter Layered Smoothie | 2021

The Natural Citizen superfood powder smoothie recipe

As I’m starting to pack for 16 months of travel (you can follow along on the upcoming, I’m going through all my superfood cabinets to decide what’s going to make the cut in my (very) limited luggage space. Tough choices! With an abundance of superfood powders out there, it can be hard to decide what truly is a MUST have in […]

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe: Heart Opening Rose Elixir | 2021

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe - Rose Heart Opener

What’s your favorite part of the morning? Mine is my grounding cacao ritual. I sip on ceremonial cacao while setting intentions for the day, followed by meditation, breathwork or a yoga practice. Photo by Ksenia | Breakfast Criminals WHY CACAO? Intentionally consuming cacao has been a powerful ally that’s massively […]

Butter Coffee With Collagen: Recipe For Energy, Healthy Hormones and Happy Belly | 2021

Butter Coffee With Collagen: Recipe For Energy, Healthy Hormones & Happy Belly | Breakfast Criminals

It’s been almost a year that I’m starting my day not with a breakfast, but with a butter coffee with collagen. WHAAAT? No, I’m not skipping breakfast and all my Instagram posts aren’t fabricated. I just rearranged my morning routine to give priority to coffee that fuels my brain, kickstarts digestion and supports healthy hormones (which I’ve […]

Turmeric Cacao Coffee Recipe (The Sustainable Way) | 2021

Superfood Coffee Recipe with Turmeric Coconut Oil

Are you ready to take your coffee to the next level? This turmeric cacao coffee recipe with coconut oil, cacao and turmeric is nourishing, warming, and so delicious. First inspired by my soul sister Hermine Baker, it took a whole new twist when Cameron’s Coffee sent me their Better Brew Coffee Pods to try out in my […]

Activated Charcoal 101: Activated Charcoal Benefits and Recipes | 2021

Dirty Lemon Activated Charcoal Lemonade

Activated charcoal is everywhere. It’s in your medicine cabinet, on your beauty shelf and in your food. Menu items like charcoal ice cream, charcoal lemonade and charcoal latte are becoming the norm at health-conscious cafes around the world. While this trend is fairly new to the Western wellness and food worlds, it’s been used as a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Açaí Bowls + 14 Recipes | 2021

Looking for acai bowl recipes? Not sure how to make an acai bowl? You're in the right place! Click through for 17 acai bowl recipes and get started! #acaibowlrecipes @acaihowto

The Ultimate Guide to Making An Açaí Bowl UPDATE: Follow me into the açaí rainforest in Brazil to see how acai grows & learn about its benefits: Açaí 101: Why It’s My Top Superfood + I’m In The Amazon Jungle! A traditional dish eaten on the beaches of Brazil, açaí bowls are crazy popular around the world, […]