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11 Great Substitutes For Ricotta Cheese For You 2021

If you’re someone who uses cheese in a number of your recipes, there’s a good chance that you’ve had your fill of ricotta. Ricotta has a gritty texture that can overwhelm many dishes, and sometimes I prefer a bit more subtlety. There are also vegans, calorie cutters and people with lactose intolerance who simply can’t […]

7 Ways to Make Garlic Last Longer – How to Store Garlic

Garlic season is winding down, which means those beautiful bulbs of fresh purple stripe, porcelain, and elephant garlic out in your garden or at the farmer’s market will start dwindling soon. Whether you’ve grown your own or simply bought too much at the grocery store, here’s how to store your supply to make it last […]

How to Defrost Chicken Safely Using Three Methods – Quick Ways to Thaw Chicken

When it comes to quick-and-easy staples to have in the the kitchen, everyone knows that chicken is king; this lean white meat is not only a healthy dinner option, it’s also a versatile meat that can be prepared in so many different ways, from tasty finger foods to delicious grilled chicken breast dishes. Of course, […]

How to Prep, Cook, and Store Chicken Breasts 2021

Just about anytime you get a chicken finger, find grilled chicken on that caesar salad or order a fried chicken sandwich, chances are that’s a breast you’re eating. Favored by ladies who lunch, small children and anyone who wants the whitest of white meats, chicken breasts show up on menus all over. There’s nothing wrong […]