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The 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2021 Reviewed

The Complete Guide to French Press Coffee

  If you’ve never had French press coffee, it’s smooth, rich, and indulgent. Very … French. Pair it with a fluffy croissant or some crêpes Suzette, and you’ll be in paradis. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have it every day. You absolutely should! But maybe you could be making it a little better. […]

What is Blonde Roast? Investigating the Lighter Than Light Roast

blonde roast

Over the past couple years, the term “Blonde Roast” or “Blonde Espresso” has been cropping up everywhere. But what exactly is it? Is it just a super-smooth light roast or is it, in fact, the lightest of light roasts? We’re here to answer all your blonde roast queries from what people are defining it to […]

What is a Macchiato? Finally Solving the Macchiato Mystery


Thanks to the mixing of authentic Italian coffee heritage and the “inventiveness” of American coffee shops (see Frappuccino), it can be hard to navigate the variety of espresso-based coffees on the menu. What’s even harder is figuring out if your coffee is the real-deal or simply a watered down (or syruped-up) version of the drink. One […]

The Quick Guide to Cafe au Lait vs Latte: Milk Measuring Up

cafe au lait vs latte

As a coffee devotee and aspiring home barista, you’ll appreciate the importance of understanding the difference between the various beverages that your friends will expect you to create for them. We know this. And that’s why we’re on a mission to provide you with all the information you’ll need to not only discuss the history […]