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Animal Poop Coffee: Coffee With Cat Poop And Monkey Saliva

luwak coffee

Coffee aficionados around the world like to exhaust all the possibilities when trying to brew the best cup of coffee. And some of them don’t like to be limited by the usual coffee processing methods when choosing their beans and want to involve the digestive system of animals. The poop coffee is surrounded by big […]

Mistobox Coffee Review: Is The Subscription Worth A Shot?

Mistobox Review

Are you considering committing to a coffee subscription? Receiving delicious authentically flavored coffee from around the world right at your front door is always an exciting feeling. If this is something that may fit your flow of coffee consumption, then you might want to consider a subscription to MistoBox. One of the most popular coffee […]

Washed, Semi-Washed, Unwashed Coffee, and Everything In-Between

The Difference Between Washed and Unwashed Coffee

Whether it’s a bag of grounds from the store or fresh from your favorite shop, the coffee you drink comes a long way before it hits your cup.  When farmers are harvesting the coffee, it can go through several different processing methods. The top two methods of preparation are “washed” and “unwashed.” There’s also a […]

What is Cascara? How To Turn Coffee's Shell Into Something Delicious


Don’t you just love how the word cascara rolls off your tongue? There’s something sweet about how alive it makes you feel. Coming from the Spanish language, cascara means shell or husk in Spanish. Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry. The fruit from which coffee beans come from. It can vary in color […]